The crew bringing in the
Autumn apples.

Typically, eau-de-vie made from grapes, apples and some plums are not marketed as clear spirits because they lack the intensity of traditional eau-de-vie. Instead, eau-de-vie from these fruits are added to oak barrel for aging over several years. Aging these fruit brandies in oak casks mellows the brandy while integrating the soft vanilla overtones of the oak with natural fruit flavors. The oak barrels allow the brandy to breathe during aging which expels alcohol (known as "the angels' share") while concentrating the complex flavors as the spirit matures.

If you've ever tried Calvados, the traditional aged apple brandy of Normandy, you know apple brandy rivals the other well-known brandies of France--Cognac and Armagnac. Westford Hill Distillers has been distilling and barrel-aging a wide array of New England apple varieties since we opened for business. Time will tell what blend of local apples will create the distinctive brandy from Westford Hill Distillers.

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