Welcome to Westford Hill Distillers Louis and Margaret Chatey, owners of Westford Hill Distillers
Louis and Margaret Chatey live on Louis' family property, which is now also the site of Westford Hill Distillers. Margaret combines business experience with her agricultural heritage in operating the distillery. The goal is to produce quality brandies from locally-grown fruit, while preserving the rural nature of the family's homestead.

Nestled in the rolling hills of Connecticut, Westford Hill Distillers is located on 200 acres of property owned by the Chatey family since 1919. Inspired by the abundant orchards of the region, Margaret and Louis Chatey founded the distillery in 1997, and now share their lifelong dream with America.

A former advertising executive who was raised on a Guernsey farm in New Hampshire, Margaret enjoys managing every facet of the business, from mashing to marketing. Although the Chateys do not presently grow their own fruit, plans include an orchard of rare "heirloom" apple trees and pear trees to add additional flavor complexity to their aged brandies.

Westford Hill Distillers is not licensed to sell directly to the public. For a listing of retailers who sell our products click here.

The Westford Hill Distillery

The distillery structure was designed as a traditional New
England barn, and overlooks a three-acre pond and Westford Hill.

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