Westford Hill Distillers eau-de-vie
Fraise eau-de-vie

Fraise eau-de-vie

Fraise from Westford Hill Distillers is an uncommon eau-de-vie distilled from strawberries. When this aromatic spirit is poured, it smells like June in a glass. When noted chef Jacques Pepin tried this at a local food event he commented that it captured the characteristics of the wild strawberries so popular in France.

We source these solid red berries from the Northwest, the type that are used most often in foods where the appearance of the deep color is so appealing. For the complete distilling story click here. The yield of eau-de-vie from a pound of strawberries is very little.

Imagine pairing a glass of Fraise eau-de-vie with chocolate or strawberry desserts—it’s like adding layer upon layer of intense strawberry flavor and aroma. We recommend this brandy be served ice cold. Its value as an imaginative flavoring in food recipes shouldn’t be overlooked.
Fraise eau-de-vie from Westford Hill Distillers

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