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Kirsch eau-de-vie

Kirsch eau-de-vie

Kirsch is eau-de-vie produced from cherries. We use tart, intensely-flavored Montmorency cherries, which grow abundantly in nearby New York State near Niagra Falls. The cherries are picked at their ripest, quick-frozen to preserve their optimum flavor then cold-fermented with a select winemakers' yeast. To extract all the natural flavor, we ferment the whole fruit, including the pits. For the complete distilling story click here. It takes about 5 lbs. of cherries to yield a single 200 ml bottle of Kirsch eau-de-vie.

The result is a clean, but subtle cherry aroma with a hint of almond, delivering a smooth, long finish a perfect accompaniment or follow-up to chocolate desserts, fruit or almond tarts. In recipes, Kirsch accentuates the flavors of other ingredients without being overpowering. In cocktails, it adds the true, distinctive cherry flavor without the "artificial cherry-ness" people unfortunately associate with this precious fruit.
Kirsch eau-de-vie from Westford Hill Distillers

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