Westford Hill Distillers eau-de-vie

Poire Prisonniere eau-de-vie

How did the pear get inside?

Poire Prisonniere eau-de-vie

In keeping with a tradition consistent with its European-inspired products, Westford Hill Distillers offers Poire Prisonniere, heart-shaped bottles (750ml) with full-size Bartlett pears grown inside, and preserved in the distillery's award-winning Pear William eau-de-vie. These curvy bottles are hand-dipped and labeled, each with a unique number. Learn more about how it's done.

Once the Poire Prisonniere is opened, keep the pear submerged in brandy if you want to keep it preserved for a long time to come. Pear William is delightful as an ingredient in cocktails and in recipes. This elegant packaging will look handsome on your bar.
Growing the pear inside the bottle of Poire Prisonniere

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